Prayers for the Time of Death

Prayers for the Time of Death

time icon 2 min read update icon Dec. 28, 2019

You may wish to pray at the time of your loved one's death yet it is difficult to find the words. Area spiritual leaders have written prayers for you. Yet even with the prayers before you, it is likely that you will not have the strength to pray and that you will need the support of someone praying for/with you. Consider reading the prayers and finding one that is meaningful to you. Then ask a friend keeping watch with you to pray during the hour of your need. Though you may not be able to focus on the words, just knowing God is present in the ritual can offer you comfort.

Dear God. You have known me and loved me from the first moment of my life. Now you are with me at the time of _______'s death. Thank you for always being with me. I know you will receive _______ into your presence and care for him eternally. Give us strength and comfort as we let go of_______ and he moves into your hands. Let us be assured that one day we will meet again. In faith and love we commit _______ to you who are eternal love.

Dr. Bill Sherman
Pastor, Woodmont Baptist Church

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