Rev. P. Joel Snider

Rev. P. Joel Snider

time icon 2 min read update icon Dec. 28, 2019

O, God, I cannot find the words to express the feelings we all feel while gathered around this bedside. Our hearts are broken because _______ is now gone. Although we have anticipated this moment for a long time, we never knew just how much it would hurt or how empty life could feel without her.

At the same time - as hard as it is for us to admit to ourselves - we are thankful that the suffering is over. We would be liars if we did not admit that after such a long vigil, we are relieved that the struggle has ended and _______ is at peace. Help us not to feel guilty when we say these words; as much as we never wanted to give her up, we would not have her back if it meant prolonging the pain.

God, you know what we've been through. You know the mixed emotions which fill us now. You know the tasks which lie before us. Walk with us as we make plans for tomorrow and the day after. Stay close beside us as we try to determine what to do with our lives now that our love is no longer needed beside this bed. Grant us grace for our first night alone. Amen.

Rev. P. Joel Snider
Pastor, Crievewood Baptist Church

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