Safe Wheeled Walker Usage with a Personal Emergency Button

Safe Wheeled Walker Usage with a Personal Emergency Button

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Nowadays, many seniors are turning to safe wheeled walkers that sport either three or four-legged walking frames. There are wheels located on each end. Many seniors also have a pouch or basket in the front of the walker to carry personal items. These walkers can be outfitted with a personal emergency button to summon help in the event of a medical emergency immediately.


Rolling walkers are a valuable medical aid for elderly people who suffer from mobility or balance problems. They help the person continue living an active lifestyle. With a rolling walker, a senior can easily traverse rough or slippery terrain with relative ease. Rolling walkers tend to be lighter than a wheelchair and can quickly be folded and loaded into an auto. Unfortunately, no mobility walking aid is foolproof. It can tip sideways, and a senior may fall. Rolling walkers that feature a personal emergency button allow a senior to summon emergency help immediately.

A Safe Wheeled Walker with a Personal Emergency Button Keeps a Senior Safe

A rolling walker can be equipped with a mobile personal emergency button. The emergency button relies on a cell phone signal to reach help. In the event of danger or an emergency, the senior pushes the button and talks into the small microphone. A trained operator will immediately answer and dispatch help. The operator will remain on the line until first responders arrive.

Another critical feature of a rolling walker with a personal emergency button is that it has a built-in GPS tracking system. If a senior becomes disoriented or lost, they can be easily located by first responders using the GPS feature. Many seniors also rely on a medical alert pendant that boasts fall detection, so if they should fall and are unable to depress the button on the walker, then the fall detection components in the pendant will activate and summon help.


Many seniors use a rolling walker because it provides them with excellent mobility. Unfortunately, such independence is not without risks. A senior can still easily fall, suffer a medical emergency, or even encounter a dangerous situation while enjoying a walk. In such circumstances, the ability to effortlessly reach help with a personal emergency button located on their safe wheeled walker is indispensable. It provides peace of mind and could ultimately save a life.

Kimberly Sharpe - Senior Advisor

Kimberly is senior researcher with Grandfolk® providing in-depth product and service reviews to empower senior buying decisions.