Spritual Readings: Buddhist

Spritual Readings: Buddhist

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"O son of an enlightened family, what is called 'death' has now arrived, so adopt this attitude: 'I have arrived at the time of death, so now, by means of this death, I will adopt only the attitude of the enlightened state of mind, loving-kindness and compassion, and attain perfect enlightenment... limitless as space.'"

Sogyal Rinpoche
The Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying
Tibetan Buddhism Harper San Francisco, 1992

Your essence was not born and will not die. It is neither being nor nonbeing. It is not a void nor does it have form. It experiences neither pleasure nor pain. If you ponder what it is in you that feels the pain of this sickness, and beyond that you do not think or desire to ask anything, and if your mind dissolves like vapour in the sky, then the path to rebirth is blocked and the moment of instant release has come.

Bassui (1327-1387)
Zen Buddhist

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