Spritual Readings: Gate of Healing

Spritual Readings: Gate of Healing

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Give ear, O Eternal, to my prayer,
heed my plea for mercy.

In my  time of trouble I call You,
for You will answer me.

When pain and fatigue are my companions,
Let there be room in my heart for strength.

When days and nights are filled with darkness,
Let the light of courage find its place.

Help me to endure the suffering and dissolve the fear,
Renew within me the calm spirit of trust and peace.

Ba-ruch a-ta, A-do-nai, ro-fei ha-cho-lim.
We praise you, O God, healer of the sick

An Appeal to God for Forgiveness

Out of the depth I call you, Adonai.
O God, listen to my cry;
let Your ears be attentive to my plea for mercy.
If You keep account of sins, O God
Who will survive?
Yours is the power to forgive
so that You may be held in awe.

I look to Adonai,
My soul looks and awaits God's divine word.
I am more eager for the Eternal than watchmen for the morning, indeed, more than watchmen for the morning.

O Israel, wait for Adonai
for with the Eternal is steadfast love and great power to redeem.
It is God who will redeem Israel from all their iniquities.

Gate Of Healing
Central Conference Of American Rabbis, 1988

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