Top Five Reasons to Retire in Florida

Top Five Reasons to Retire in Florida

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If you've lived in cold weather states most of your life, you're probably imagining your golden years spent where the sun never stops shining. Florida is the nation's retirement capital because of just that – warm weather and brilliant sunshine. Winter in Florida is short, and can be thought of more in terms of weeks than months. Below you'll find the top five reasons to retire in the Sunshine State!

1. Warm Weather and Sunshine

Warm weather is what typically draws retirees to the state of Florida. With pleasant, mild and sunny year round weather, Florida is hard to beat. It's no wonder why most retirement magazines rate Florida as the best state to retire in. 

There are many beach locations that offer warm sunshine and fresh coastal breezes. The areas provide ideal settings for outdoor activities such as golf or barbeques with friends. For those looking to escape the harsh northern winters, Florida is the perfect location. Areas near Citrus County are among the most popular place for retirees due to the mild weather. Moderate temperatures and low risks for hurricanes make this a great place to live.

2. Quality Beaches and Golf Courses

From beaches to golf courses this state knows how to deliver fun and inviting attractions for all to enjoy. There are many areas near the beaches that remain uncrowded and not overpopulated with tourists, making for peaceful places to live.

Golf courses throughout the state draw crowds from all over the country. For those wanting to escape the crowded courses, many of the retirement communities offer private golfing for residents only. The city of Tampa offers a number of courses to choose from and lessons can be taken at the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy to hone your skills or brush up on that keystroke.

3. Outstanding Outdoor Attractions

Outdoor recreation opportunities in Florida are vast. The state is full of amusement parks, beaches and golf courses that provide entertainment for all ages. The area is the perfect vacation destination for loved ones who are visiting retired parents and grandparents. The grandchildren will never grow bored while visiting family members.

World-class golfing, fishing and snorkeling can all be found in Florida. Diving, boating, kayaking, hiking and horseback riding are all activities that can be enjoyed in the state. There are a large number of parks and preserves that provide hiking and trail walking opportunities among lush Floridian landscape.

4. Excellent Health Care

Some of the leading hospitals and medical centers in the nation are found in the state of Florida. Some of the top notch health care facilities include the Mayo Clinic. One of the best health care systems in the world is recognized as being in Jacksonville and St. Augustine. 

Throughout the state there are hundreds, if not thousands, of family and specialty doctors. Geriatrics has become one of the leading specialties in the field of medicine in Florida. Diagnostic centers and outpatient surgery facilities are prevalent. Gainesville offers excellent services at Shands Health Care. 

Doctors from all over the country and world come to Florida to practice medicine because of their top-rated medical centers. The attractive health care facilities combined with some of the best physicians in the world make the health care system in Florida excellent. Cutting edge equipment and diagnostics are available at most area facilities. 

5. Retirement Communities Galore

The state of Florida caters to senior citizens and their growing population of retirees. Retirement locations such as Miami, Ocala, Tampa Bay, Florida Keys and Fort Lauderdale boast a wide number of well-groomed and meticulous retirement communities. 

Most of the retirement communities in Florida provide amazing amenities and act as full service resorts.  Retirement facilities offer on site golf courses that are private in nature with services provided to residents of the community only. Some community retirement facilities offer fitness centers, hair salons, restaurants and onsite grocers. Depending on how independent the resident longs to remain, there are retirement communities that meet every need and desire.

Locations of many retirement communities vary depending on the retiree’s preference. Some sit among orange and citrus groves while some are just steps from the beach. 

Florida offers numerous reasons to spend your golden years enjoying nothing but the best. The quality of life in this beautiful state is hard to beat. A balanced weather system, advanced medical facilities, beautiful nature and affordable places to live are just some of the reasons retirees flock to the area. Few areas can rival the prime Florida location.

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